Just a girls growing wings 💫

Hey! My name is Sofia Del Mar Santiago Acevedo and I am currently 15 years old. Since I was little I have loved everything that has to do with fashion design. My dream is to be a businesswoman, express my creativity and develop myself within the field of fashion design. Being very clear about my goals, I started from an early age to build my own business. I decided to give it the name “De la Mer Boutique” since I love France, its culture, its essence and it is also a well-known country in the world of fashion. I would even love to study in France at some point to continue expanding my knowledge. Over the past few years, the immense passion for what I do has motivated me to launch myself into trying new things. Everything I do is done with a lot of love, always looking for the person who ends up acquiring my art to be satisfied. My parents have had their own business since before I was born and they have always been a role model for me. I am super grateful to all those people who support me every day in this dream.

Thank you all for being part of this family,

Sofia del mar
De La Mer Boutique